Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Day

Today was what I call a "good day". The reason is because the weather is nice-sunshine and cool, but not cold. I stoped to check the hog trap, (no hogs-but the outside bait was gone,) and moved what is left of the herd to the west pastures. They had been shut out during deer season because these pastures back up to a hunting club and I did not want any cattle mistaken for deer.
Actually, Ben and I moved most of the cattle Saturday, but somehow we missed one. She is a black and white longhorn cross heifer, but the most remarkable thing is she does not run-she paces. She is also skittish, so she paces a lot. I wish I had taken my movie camera for some live shots, but I was doing well to take me.
The weather is supposed to turn much cooler later in the week. I have lots of fence to fix but if it gets cold and wet, I will probably use my powers for something else.

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