Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We have had our share of equines on the K-Bar, (horses, mules, donkeys) but none can compare with Tobe. As a matter of fact-I don't really like horses. Growing up we had both draft horses and mules, and even saddle horses and ponies. I didn't care for them. Draft stock are big and ponies kick.
It had been quite a while since we got rid of the last horse before we got Tobe. Dad bought him to protect the goats from dogs and coyotes, and since we got him we have not had near the problems with canines. Tobe is protective and at times thinks he is a goat. The real reason I like Tobe is his attitude. He may be the most docile animal I've ever had.
He will come to you when you whistle, and all you have to do is walk up to him. I've never seen him shy or run. If I want a ride, I just get on his left side and climb on. If I do, I need a switch, Tobe doesn't move very fast without prodding.
My best Tobe story involves his laid back style. The church where my family and I worship, (First United Methodist Church in Lufkin) recreates the old town of Bethlehem every Christmas. We build shops and homes inside the Angelina County Expo Center and people come from all over East Texas to experience the town. Dad let Tobe be part of the town. One year, the church decided to have a young girl dress as Mary and ride Tobe in the Lufkin Christmas Parade downtown to advertise Bethlehem. The young lady was very brave, and eagerly rode the docile donkey. Tobe will sul, so I gave the young man who was playing Joseph a switch to be used to urge Tobe down the parade route. When one of the ladies of the church noticed the switch, she asked why Joseph had a stick. I answered "the whip Mary's ass with," and I was telling the gospel truth. (I have a sick sense of humor.)
I never thought I would grow fond of an equine, but Tobe has changed that. We are never too old to change.

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