Monday, January 11, 2010

"The Dutch" is the last of a line of Brahman/Simmental cross cattle that I developed years ago. I bottle fed a red Brahman (or brehmer as they are known in East Texas) when I first got out of UT. She became a big red cow and I named her Rowena, red girl in Spanish. Dad ran Simmental bulls at the time on her range and the resulting cross were big range cows that calved regularly, (usually males,) and gave good milk without having to feed a lot of grain. They were very aggressive and clannish with the rest of the herd. They were always the boss. I like them.
Rowena had a granddaughter I named Piggy. She lived up to her name. Dad hated her but I liked her aggressive attitude. She never harmed me, or anyone else that I know of, but she would sell her soul for a little extra feed. Duchess was Piggy's last calf, and now she is just known as "The Dutch." She always calves and raises good animals. She is a money maker. Even though we have cut the cow herd way back, Dad kept "The Dutch."

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