Monday, January 11, 2010

The "West" Pond
There are three ponds on the original farm. They were known by their geographic location. They are the East Pond, (closet to the old house), the North Pond and the West Pond. These unimaginative names are an oddity on the ranch, a place where every animal and place has a name.Something unusual in this picture is the ice sheet on the part by the dam. It rarely gets cold enough to freeze the ponds on the ranch. This picture was taken January 10,2010. Yes, it has been cold!
The West Pond is the largest of the original ponds, (although Lake Folly is much larger.) Some unique facts about this pond. It was built along the old county road that was one of the older roads in the area. Non-native bear grass can still be found along the ditches of the old road. The yucca like plants were used by the settlers for everything from straw hats to sausage hangers for the smokehouse. Because of the proximity to the road, there were many large holes dug before the Killams bought this land. The holes were dug by treasure hunters looking for lost Mexican payrolls.

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