Friday, January 22, 2010

Hog Wild

Wild hogs have invaded the K-Bar. These feral pigs are basically nocturnal and I am yet to see one, but I can see the damage they do rooting for food. These are where I first saw the signs, in the hardwood creek bottoms. The main area is where the loggers stages the logs the last time we logged the bottom tracts. This is a remote area and I even have the cattle and goats shut out of this area for now, (until after deer season-which ended a few weeks ago.)
This is not he first time hogs have lived on the K-Bar. When Papa and his family moved here almost all the local farmers, (himself included,) raised hogs on the open range. East Texas was hog country, but they were tough woods hogs. After the range was closed by stock laws in the early 1950's, people ceased raising hogs. Now they are back- with a vengeance!
We have been sparred from their destruction until this year. I suspect some of my neighbors baited the on their places to hunt them. As long as they stay in the bottoms I am not worried but...

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  1. the problem is growing all the time, you and your neighbors need to kill every one you see.
    on the bright side they taste great and people always will take one.